The gate to the Spanish Market

We are your partner in expanding your business into the Spanish market. We provide you with Experienced Integral Solutions. Our offices are located in Marbella (Spain) and Helsinki (Finland).
we are your local
  • business development partner
  • sales team
  • legal and Tax counsel
  • adminstrative and labour team


Helppo Exports is a Consultancy for international business that offers practical solutions in order for its clients to effectively expand in the international market. Founders Alejandro García and Juan Samper are professionals with extensive experience in international business between Nordic and Spanish speaking countries and have a background in business development, sales, engineering and law.
Juan Samper
Registered lawyer specializing in international trade, real estate investments and environmental law. He has worked for the last 6 years in Finland and Spain, advising on issues related to company establishment, real estate and nonresident tax situations.
Alejandro García
MSc in Engineering, with more than 12 years of experience in international business development, sales, strategy and account management. Dealing with clients from a wide spectrum of geographical and cultural origins has taught Alejandro the importance of intercultural understanding in creating a truly successful team of winners.